How it Works

First Course – Cheese Fondue

One pot of cheese per table with unlimited croutons to dip in the cheese. Dip deep or the cheese might get hard!

Want to dip something else than croutons?  Sides of veggies and meats are available.


Second Course – Meat Fondue

One pot per table, one portion of meat per person. Cook your meat in oil or broth. Caution, the pot is very hot and the meat may stick at the bottom at first.

The meat comes out raw. Cooking times vary, your server will let you know. Vegetarian? You can replace your meat course with a second cheese course.


Third Course – Chocolate Fondue

One pot per table, dark or milk chocolate. It comes with a tray of fruits, cakes and marshmallows for dipping.


Bon Appetit!